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Wuxi Xi Mei Ling Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic coast of Taihu Lake, the birthplace of national industry and commerce, Jiangnan city of Wuxi. The company was founded in 2001,in the field of adhesive products we have many years of experience in the production of professional enterprises. The company provides a full range of protective film industry chain services, the production of various types of acrylic protective film, glass special protective film, aluminum plastic doors and windows profiles protective film, Stretch film, stainless steel color plate protective film, security door protective film, carpet Floor protective film, building decoration materials protective film, aluminum, household appliances, such as protective film products by all users of praise.

Companies in the "scientific and technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence, integrity management" purposes, for the majority of users with satisfactory products. The staff of the team, advanced processing equipment, strict quality assurance system, improve the sales network, given the confidence of the future, but also to give customers a big confidence to ensure that let us join hands in creating a better tomorrow.

Excellent product quality, good user reputation, in order to cast corporate reputation.
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