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When you order from Xi'an Qin Run Natural Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd. you鈥檙e dealing directly with the factory, and that is a huge advantage for you and your team. Qin Run Natural owns and operates its own manufacturing facility , we can 100% control of the entire pass on that savings.
We are an old professional herb exact manufacturer established 2009, our main products and annual production capacity as below for your reference:
Natural vet antibiotic and feed additives:
Macleaya cordata extract Sanguinarine锛?MT/Year锛夛紱
Magnolia bark extract 锛坢agnolol, honokiol 50MT/year锛?
Kelp extract (50MT/year);
Milk thistle extract(1000MT/year);
Natural flavors and fragrances:
Naringin dihydrochalcone锛圫weetener 60MT/year锛夛紱
Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone锛圫weetener 60MT/year锛夛紱
Garlic extract allicin (1000mt/Year)
Ginger extract Gingerol (100MT/year)
Turmeric extract curcumins (50MT/year)
Natural surfactant锛沜oncrete gas-leader锛沺rotective preparation for aquaculture锛?/span>
Tea saponin 1500MT/year;
Soapnut extract( sapindoside 50MT/year );
Our products have been sold to Europe and America for many years, especially for sweetener and antibiotic, free sample provide, we hope we have an opportunity to contact you in the near future.
  Pure Epimedium Extract Powder factory

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