Discount Casting Tools Discount Casting Tools Ad Dasht

  • Publish Date: 21-12-20

During tilt pour filling (or 鈥渢ilt casting鈥?, a manufacturer connects a crucible (also called a 鈥減our basin鈥? directly to mold gates. These openings in the mold lead to a network of interior sprues allowing molten material to flow inside the mold cavity.…

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Pu Leather Fabric Pu Leather Fabric Ad Dasht

  • Publish Date: 28-08-20

Product Description Product Type:100% Pu synthetic leather Material:PU Technicsembossed Feature:Good quality, Easy to clean, Other Decoration:Cloth,Furniture,so on Color:Customize Width:142-145cm Item No. Company Introduction Haining STONETEX co.,Ltd is a…

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